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BeJeweled, Hilltop North, Virginia Beach, VAWelcome to BeJeweled! Located in downtown Norfolk since 2002 and now open in Hilltop North in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we specialize in handcrafted fine gold and sterling silver jewelry, genuine gemstones, art glass, museum quality fossils, lapidary arts and so much more. We offer our customers a large selection of unique, quality pieces at affordable prices with exceptional customer service. We strive to make your shopping experience memorable and hope to create a friendship, as well as, a customer. We also provide gift wrapping services and free layaway.

MacArthur Center Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am to 9pm and Sunday 12 to 6pm. You can reach us at (757) 533-9674.

Hilltop North Hours: Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm and Sunday 11am to 4pm. You can reach us at (757) 422-0303.

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Spring Forward

Sku 4071 cHello, Spring! This weekend we turn our clocks forward an hour which give us that extra hour of sunshine to enjoy a lovely walk in the evening and hope for warmer weather ahead. We have new arrivals for Spring with beautiful flower jewelry, and dragonflies and butterflies at play. We have fresh new jewelry for Spring brides and bridesmaids, and for mothers of the bride. Great gift ideas and new birthstone jewelry as well.


New Carved Shell Flower JewelrySku 4069 c

This collection features iridescent shells hand carved into roses, dogwood flowers and hibiscus flowers with accents of pearl and cubic zirconia crafted with sterling silver. Mother of pearl and abalone shell is iridescent, strong and resilient. These shells are the inner shell layer of a mollusc, made of nacre, the same material as the outside of a pearl. Shells have been used in jewelry for over 75,000 years. Mother of pearl carving goes back to the Bronze Age of China, the Shang Dynasty, around 1600-1050 BC and the Ming emperors around 1368-1644 AD.

Sku 4100 cMarch’s Birthstone, Aquamarine

To a light blue of the sky to the deep blue of the sea, aquamarine is the birthstone for March. The name “aquamarine” is derived from two Latin words: aqua, meaning “water,” and marina, meaning “of the sea.” Aquamarine is the 19th anniversary stone and thought to enhance the happiness of marriages.Sku 4104 b According to legend, aquamarine has been regarded by sailors’ as a lucky stone because it originated in the treasure chest of fabulous mermaids. It is said to calm waves and bring sailors safely back home.

Our collection of aquamarine features natural as well as created stones set with either sterling silver or 14k gold. Some pieces featured have accents of cubic zirconia or diamonds. Aquamarine is a precious stone in the beryl family, relating it to emerald, morganite, goshenite which is a colorless beryl, red beryl and gold beryl.

SKU 4111Fiery Australian Opals

Australian opal accounts for the majority of the world’s supply of opal. These fiery opals are set with sterling silver. Each one is unique, one-of-a-kind and a kaleidoscope of colors. Once considered the most powerful gemstone because it possessed all the colors of all the other gemstones. The internal structure of opal makes it diffract light. Made of silica spheres arranged in closely packed planes causes a interference and diffraction of light passing through, an interplay of internal colors.SKU 4137

Opal is the birthstone of October. Some people think it’s unlucky for anyone born in another month to wear an opal but that superstition comes from a novel written by Sir Walter Scott, Anne of Geierstein. Most history believes opal to be regarded as one of the luckiest and most powerful gems.

Stop by to see what other new collections we are displaying for Spring.

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